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Resolution Cloud contains the world’s most powerful completely unbiased secure neutral site supplying intelligence for Smartsettle ONE to Infinity for decision makers who want to get better things done more quickly. Smartsettle optimizes formal negotiations of any shape and size, turning adversaries into collaborators and showing them that conflict is an opportunity for mutual gains. Single-issue disputes are prime candidates for huge time savings while multivariate negotiations provide the most opportunity for uncovering hidden value. Examine and test-drive Smartsettle products on Resolution Cloud today. The potential for savings with our intelligent automated eNegotiation systems increases exponentially with more users.
Innovative Time-Saving Process

Smartsettle’s intelligent preference elicitation and optimization engines quickly learn how everyone becomes satisfied and can suggest potential outcomes that uncover hidden value in high-value negotiations that dwarfs the process time-savings – no traditional method of negotiation can match it.

Real-Time Analysis

Our technology replaces spreadsheets and manual data entry with time-saving and resource-optimizing techniques that are quantifiable and measurable in real-time. The Smartsettle system is the only eNegotiation technology that enables live feedback at every stage

Hidden Value Exposure

At the heart of our business are algorithm driven engines that support a proprietary Visual Blind Bidding process that motivates negotiators to quickly reach a collaborative outcome. The tedious negotiation dance that characterizes ordinary negotiations is virtually eliminated.

Broad Reaching Applications

More than three decades of research by a dedicated team of experts has gone into today’s Resolution Cloud offerings. We’re only beginning to see all the ways our intelligent algorithms and 21st century computing power is set to change business interactions in every industry. Research, development and future-thinking is in our DNA.

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