Multivariate, Multilateral Problems. Solved.

Smartsettle Infinity

Multivariate, Multilateral Problems. Solved.

Smartsettle Infinity

by Smartsettle
A New Way Forward
Smartsettle Infinity on the Resolution Cloud is the most powerful multi-issue, multi-party negotiation system available anywhere. Designed to address even the most complex and difficult disputes on our planet, Infinity is the only solution using intelligent algorithms to identify and achieve solutions that are truly beyond win-win, for all parties.
Modeling - Resolution Cloud

Visionary Agreement Modeling

For over a quarter century Smartsettle has led in research and development of negotiation software – its algorithms have been called groundbreaking by experts worldwide.

Among those eyeing Smartsettle algorithms and their contribution to the future of negotiation, famed Harvard negotiation, decision analysis and game theory visionary, Professor Emeritus Howard Raiffa, compared inventor Thiessen to Nobel laureate Nash. More…

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Algorithms for Maximum Gains

The last few years have seen a maturing of the Internet giving the world even greater capacity to embrace artificial intelligence in all its forms – today machine negotiation assistance has arrived. Smartsettle continues to lead in preference elicitation, representation and optimization as applied to negotiation problems. “Maximize the Minimum Gain” as described in the ICANS patent was first applied to multiparty negotiation problems by Thiessen. More…

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The Future of Negotiating

Smartsettle solutions are able to powerfully address the negotiating needs of people, companies and governments around the world, today. Tomorrow, Smartsettle will be able to understand party preferences so well that it will be trusted to engage in completely autonomous negotiations in complex negotiations. Smartsettle Infinity on the Resolution Cloud has the architecture and sophistication capable of advancing future negotiations in a way that remains fair and beneficial for all sides. More…

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